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    Bronze abstract sculpture-we product Bronze abstract sculpture

    If you need Bronze abstract sculpture,you can contact us.we can offer to you.

    Bronze abstract sculpture

    Bronze abstract sculpture refers to the non-figurative sculpture, that is except for realist sculptures are abstract sculptures. Abstract sculpture of meaning, not specific to a specific image sculpture, abstract sculpture of the body is not critical, do not have and what practical things similar, but not equal to abstract sculpture is not required, it requires another realm: some are completely abstract, it requires has beautiful features, also called intrinsic meaning, such as stainless steel forging bluff body, must be beautiful, smooth lines, block surface smoothing; and semi-abstract, also called intention, it requires a bit like a specific thing, and and simplifies the deformation, also showed exaggerated beauty and inner meaning, such as abstract human body.

    Meaning abstract sculpture
    Abstract often is beyond the realm of reality, we can not exhibit realistic realm, abstract able to, because it can not consider the specific shape, as long as love is good work.
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